Monday, June 6, 2011

Killer Tuesday Night Workout

OK, I thought I was going to die today. I got a cramp in my butt, my heart was beating out of my chest and then my hip kept popping. And, this is supposed to be my rest week. I'm taking a short break from running because my foot (plantar fasciitis) is bothering me a bit. So, since I'm not really training for a race, this is a good opportunity to rest, stretch and strengthen and apply some of my rehab exercises. So, I planned to keep my fitness up by doing some non-impact cardio, weight training and yoga this week. Well, I've violated the non- impact rule with a heck of a workout this evening.
I started putting together a workout today and then stumbled across one online. I adapted it to my preference. It is definitely a heart raising, high-intensity, sweat your hair out, burn some calories workout! I do plan to do this again next week, because I only did 2 sets tonight and it took me about an hour and almost took me out! Actually, it was the burpees and the jump rope that was about to do me in.

Below is my REST WEEK Interval Training workout:
  • Bosu Ball Squats - 2 x 15 reps
  • Push up and Ball Crunch Combo - 2 x 10 reps
    • Get in push- up position with your shins on a stability ball. Complete a push-up, then pull the ball toward your chest with your legs. Return to start.
  • Bicep Curls – 2 x 15 reps
  • Jumping Jacks – 1 minute (I did 70 each minute so 140 total)
  • Mountain Climbers – 2 x 15 (probably should have been cardio for 1 minute)
  • Donkey Kicks – 2 x 15 (good old fashioned glute exercise; great for improving running)
  • Driving The Car – 2 x 30 seconds w/ 10lb weight
    • Hold a five to 10 pound plate for the barbell or a hand weight with both hands straight out in front of you.  Then move your hands like you were driving left to right in a car. Keep driving for 20 to 30 seconds. This should make your shoulders burn.
  • Burpees – 2 x 15 Reps
    • Jump up, jump down and extend the legs out; your body is in plank or push up position; jump back in and then jump up and extend the arms over head. This is an explosive full body exercise.
  • Front Kicks – 2 x 30 seconds
  • PliĆ© Squat – 2 x 15 Reps (1st set – 10lb weight on each leg; 2nd set – 5lb weight on each leg)
  • Tricep Extensions – 2 x 15 Reps
  • Walking Lunges. – 2 x 20 Reps (so that means 10 on each leg)
  • One Arm Rows – 2 x 15 Reps
  • Jump Rope – 2 x 30 seconds
  • Plank – 2 x 1 min

After all of that it was time for a stretch, shower and an after workout smoothie! It's tart cherry juice, Greek vanila yogurt for protein, frozen blueberries and pineapples. I sometimes add honey or agave nectar for sweetner, but I've got used to the tartness.


Gratitude Journal
I am grateful for early more prayer.
I am grateful I'm physically able to workout.
I am grateful for pedicures.
I am grateful for good friends.
I am grateful for storms.
I am grateful that after the storm comes the sunshine.
I am grateful to see another day.
I am grateful I can be a blessing to someone else ~ pay it forward.

Friday, June 3, 2011

I Wear Earrings When I Run

My name is Jada and I wear earrings when I run. Why? Because I'm a girly girl. I work out and I don't mind getting sweaty. But first things first, I'm a girl and I love being a girl. I read a blog from a fellow runner last week and her post was about how runners are so comfortable in their running clothes and it's hard dressing nicely when at work or not running. She said she'd rather buy running clothes than regular clothes. I think not! Running is what I do. It is a part of me, but I am a girl. I like to look like a girl, feel like a girl and run like a girl. So, I wear earrings when I run! I was a little weird about running in earrings but one day I got dressed in my running outfit, head band and IPOD and I looked in the mirror and said something is missing. I need some earrings but I didn't have any studs with me that day in the gym. I casually mentioned this story to my running buddy and she laughed out loud and said "you know I've said the same thing too." Yay! I'm not alone. Women wear earrings so quite naturally we should run in them as well. On our next run together, she beat me wearing earrings (even though I know it was my idea J ) only because I forgot to pack my studs again. But from now on unless I'm packing in a hurry, you'll see me running in earrings.
I am a girly girl. I love wearing cute running clothes, cute dresses and shoes AND I love running in earrings. I like being a girl and feeling like a girl. Being a cute runner girl is a part of this girl's personal style. Just because you run doesn't mean you have to sacrifice being cute. I try to strike a balance between purchasing running gear and purchasing shoes, dresses and purses. It's not always an equal divide (sometimes I have to make trade-offs) but I don't ever feel I've sacrificed one for the other. If I'm going to put in the miles on the road and the hours in the gym working on my physical body, why hide it under sweats and baggy shorts? I'm a runner girl and I like being a cute runner girl! So, you'll find me running in earrings!

A Fit Woman is a Powerful Woman ~ Moving Comfort
  1. I am embracing being a Fit and Powerful Woman.
  2. I am loving running in earrings.
  3. I am searching for the perfect running skirt that doesn't "ride up".
  4. I am finding joy and comfort in Jeremiah 29:11.
  5. I am realizing there are new ways to do things and new outlooks on life.
  6. I am breaking old habits and learning new ways to do, act and be.
  7. I am looking for the good instead of being quick to find fault or criticize.
  8. I am empathizing and forgiving others more.
  9. I am working on getting better patience; I'm not as easily irritated, well maybe, I just don't stay irritated quite as long.
  10. I am looking for the good in others instead of dwelling on what's missing.
  11. I am finding confidence in the woman I am becoming.
  12. I am sowing seeds and waiting with expectancy.
  13. I am resting on the assurance of Jeremiah 29:11. It gives me joy and hope but it requires great patience and perseverance. The press is a part of the process and the process is going to birth great blessings.  I just know it. Declare it. Believe it. Press thru it. Receive it. That's my faith in action.

Join me so we can…….

Gratitude Journal
I am grateful for the spirit of gratefulness. Grateful, grateful, gratefulness flowing from my heart.