Friday, December 10, 2010

I Want An A

I should be eating my late night snack or at least sleeping, but instead I'm moved to blog. I hear people say all of the time how the spirit moved them to do something or the Holy Spirit was nudging them. Well, I think I may now be one of those people. Let's rewind three and half hours. I sat down to do this new bible study I started. I'm really trying to focus, commit and block out my distractions (TV, Facebook, internet, phone, etc.). I ignored my text alerts then the phone started ringing. For some reason I answered this call. So, now it's three and a half hours later and three phone calls later and I'm thinking and praying about something. Before I begin to read my bible, I say a quick prayer. It goes something like Holy Spirit come into my presence. God, create in me a clean heart and renew a steadfast spirit. Speak to me and give me wisdom through your words. Amen. Because I believe that nothing just happens or happens by coincidence, then I must believe that God is speaking to me and the spirit is moving me with these thoughts.

My mama didn't raise a quitter, and she didn't raise me to just be average. How many lectures do I remember her saying, why settle for a B and not study when you can study and apply yourself and make an A? And my response: if I don't have to study and can still make a B, then why should I study? Many years later, I get it. You gotta work at some things. What feels good or comfortable is not always our best. You have to push yourself to bring out the best in yourself. Let me get back to running. Every runner wants to be faster. But being faster doesn't just happen. You have to work outside your comfort zone. Speedwork sure isn't easy. I mean really, who wants to do exhausting repeats to the point that you're ready to vomit? But if you don't give up and push past that point of pain, you'll realize on race day that you finished faster, stronger and maybe even set a PR (personal record for my non-running readers). My point is that God wants our best and he wants what's best for us. We can exist and be fine with a B or we can push towards getting that A. Since running my half-marathon, I've been so-so about running. But this week I made a new training plan for myself. I did it because I needed a plan to follow with some clear goals. Mama's message is now loud and clear, and my response at age 30-something is: I'm not a quitter; I'm committed. I've been running for a B, but now it's time I run like that A student. 

The spirit is really on me about some things in my life. I pray, but am I praying continuously. I read the bible, but not every day. I love, but am I forgiving? Being a Christian and being a runner ain't easy. You can't expect results from either if you are not putting in the time and following the plan (God's word). Ephesians chapter 6 instructs us to put on the full armor of God, to stand firm and to resist the devil. As a runner, I put on my "runner's armor" for every run. You won't find me running without my technical clothing, running socks, running shoes, IPOD and Garmin. So, I have to ask myself the hard question, why do I not put on God's armor daily?

Remember Paul's instructions in Romans 12:2 to renew your mind. A renewing of your mind requires putting on God's armor. To me, running is 30% physical and 70% mental. If your mind isn't focused and controlled, your run will suffer. Where the mind goes, the body will go.  I think the spirit was leading me tonight to the conclusion that I have some commitments to make and some commitments to honor. It's not about perfection, but persistence. I don't want just a B when I can attain an A. My new commitments:
  1. I need to be a good steward over my finances. I mean really how many pairs of shoes must a girl own and did I really need to purchase that Coach bag on Sunday J!
  2. I'm going to PR on my 5K on December 26 so I must do speedwork!
  3. I need to get up earlier in the mornings. Earlier days are more productive and I'm less likely to skip a workout on a non-running day.
  4. I need to stop skipping my second weight training day during the week.
  5. I need to read my bible every (most) day.
  6. I need put on God's armor every day.
  7. I need to pray continually and in the spirit.

    Gratitude Journal:
    I'm grateful for the word of thankfulness that I've been reading.
    I'm thankful for hot tea.
    I'm thankful for my Carolina Girls.
    I'm thankful that God allowed me to love such and imperfect man.
    I'm thankful God hears my prayers and knows my needs.
(I just realized I used the word thankful instead of grateful ~ the spirit is still moving). Be Blessed and run harder!

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  1. Wow you made me realize how I need to put on the full armor of God more often in my daily life as I wouldn't be caught not armored up when running. Thank you for for the soft nudging.

    Keep on making the Grade A gurl!