Thursday, July 8, 2010

Operation Train the Trainer

Ewww, my muscles ache right now~~ my back, my neck, my triceps, and of course my legs. I'm having a love affair with my ice packs. I go through withdrawal if I miss them for a night. And, all of this in the name of health and wellness. I really do question myself at times. I laugh at my self some mornings because I get out of bed and take a few steps to see if anything is sore or achy. I have to feel my body out to see should I stretch right away or can I get dressed first. I guess this has become my life and it seems I wouldn't have it any other way especially, since this week I made two big decisions. I can't share the BIG decision with you until after August 8th (ooh, the suspense, I know), but the little decision is to issue myself a fitness challenge. I need a little more accountability--- so the trainer in me needs to kick my own butt. I need to treat myself like those I train. Write out my goals, plan and schedule my workouts and just do it. The first week of this great idea, I skipped my run on Wednesday morning for lack of sleep (and felt horrible), but I hit the gym hard that evening. I guess that's why I'm so sore right now. My Goals for the Next Four Weeks - (1)Yoga (2x per week)- This is a new committment, but my body is so tight and these achy legs are wearing me down. (2) Weight Training (2x per week) - NO EXCEPTIONS! For some reason, I tend to skip my end of the week workout about every other week because I just don't feel like doing it after my run. (3) Core -(strengthen the core) - A strong core makes a strong and fast runner. Friday's plan: 4 Mile Run Weight Training Circuit - 3 sets of 8 - 10 reps Coreboard Push ups, Kettelbell Plank Row, KB swings, KB Squat, KB Deadlift, KB Clean and Press, Leg Raises) And hopefully a lunch time Yoga Class So, I guess I better stop blogging and get some rest because I have a pretty heavy morning ahead of me...

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