Sunday, March 27, 2011

I am NOT my Hair

I am a Black Girl and I Run….. I'm proud that I Run. I love meeting with my running group to run. I love connecting with other people who run because only they understand the craziness that we do for the love of running. I love looking for the latest gear or gimmick or trying something new that will improve my running performance. I love talking about running and I love it's not just a hobby but it's also part of my career and now it's a part of my lifestyle. The one thing that I don't love about running is after a run I find myself transformed into this:

I love running but I don't love dealing with and thinking about my HAIR! UGH! Why wasn't I blessed with some wash and wavy just get up and go hair? But, I wasn't so now I just have to deal with it. I'm was in the season of transition, and I got a little restless and cut my hair last week. Yes, I know..... and summer in the south is coming up really quickly. So, now I'm on a quest to find the right products and solutions to the age old dilemma of working out while being a black woman. I really just wanted something different, but now I'm like, I should have thought this thru a little more carefully. Going natural is another thought, but it's more work and more time. Yeah, it's nice that you don't have to worry about sweating out your do, but you still have to manage your style. But, while I think over my next move here are a few items I'm trying to maintain my new do:

  1. Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum
  2. Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing Balm
  3. L'oreal Frizz Serum
  4. Carol's Daughter Tui Leave-In Conditioner
Now, I'm still in the "trying out phase". I do really like the Paul Mitchell products. I did have a good experience with washing my hair and it dried pretty quickly and pretty straight. No real frizz on the end. I'm hoping the smoothing serums will help counter the morning humidity that makes my hair draw up a little like I might have some waves, but honestly I don't J
I've used the Carol's daughter twice. I hope this will keep my hair conditioned and stop the drying and breakage that perspiration can cause. Well, wish me God-speed in working with my tresses in the next few months. I'll update you about my progress
And, don't be surprised if one day I suddenly end up rocking something like this J

Gratitude Journal:
  1. I am grateful I'm learning how to truly worship God.
  2. I am grateful for a good night's sleep.
  3. I am grateful that I gained a couple of pounds.
  4. I am grateful for my sister-girls.
  5. I am grateful to wake up every day fully clothed in my right mind.

    Please pray with me and for me this week. On, Saturday I'll be doing the preview run to my upcoming half-marathon. This will be my first time running 13.1 miles since last November.

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