Sunday, August 15, 2010

My First ICE Bath and Week 1 Training Recap

OK! I did it. I took my first ice bath last week and I liked it. NO, I’m not crazy but it really was not that bad. I got a tip from a Facebook friend that I should start by filling the tub with lukewarm water, get in, then slowly add the ice cubes. Of course, it was a shocker when I first put the ice cubes in and the first minute seemed like an hour, but after I got use to the water. I chilled out and read my book and soaked for 10 minutes. I don’t think it was as cold as it should have been because after about five minutes the water really started to loose the “chill”. I think I should have used colder water. All in all it was a refreshingly cool bath.

Why would I sit in a tub full of ice and water?

The ice bath is thought to:

· Constrict blood vessels and flush waste products, like lactic acid, out of the affected tissues

· Decrease metabolic activity and slow down physiological processes

· Reduce swelling and tissue breakdown

Did it really work? I believe so. The next day, I was not sore, and I’m starting to notice more flexibility in my hamstrings and calves as opposed to the tightness I’ve had.

Will I do it again? You bet, I can’t wait to take the plunge again this week.

By the way, I’m a little behind on my blogging, so a quick recap for the week:

1) First official week of Half Marathon Training started this week. I skipped my Monday run and opted for some cross training instead.

2) My first Saturday group run was a challenging experience, but it’s good to push myself beyond the flat trails of the park. I literally ate, iced and passed out Saturday afternoon.

3) Zensah compression socks feel so go and they work…… I swear I’ve been wearing them for a week now and my calf soresness is 75% reduced and I don’t get the tight feeling as much during my runs.

4) Realized the monstrous number of calories I need to consume just to keep up with my energy needs and not waste away. I can not afford to lose anymore weight. Missing the 3lbs of my Black Girl Booty L.

5) My hair is just blah L ……salon, workout 2x, ponytail. I feel like the girl in the Dr. Miracle's commercial, “Ooh, Girl”.

My Gratitude Journal

I’m thankful for Sunday worship services.

I am thankful for a fresh relaxer and bone straight edges.

I’m thankful for the valley experiences.

I’m thankful for my braces 20 years ago.

I’m thankful I can smile.

I’m thankful I can count it all joy.

I’m thankful for Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

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