Saturday, August 21, 2010

Week 2 Tempo, Hills and Long Run

Week 2 was hard~physically and mentally. My legs were really taking a beating by Thursday and I was just tired. I was tired but I felt good if that makes any sense. I finished my second Saturday long run with my new running group and ice bath number 2 and I feel good. There is something to be said about running. I still hate, dread, despise getting up at 5:30-5:45 am but once I get started I'm good. Saturday was one of those days that I really enjoyed my run ~ it was fun. It felt good pounding the pavement, running ALL around town and tackling a few Mt.Everest type hills. There's nothing like a good run (and a cute purse and maybe some cute shoes and oh yeah getting your hair done too) to make a girl feel good.
Last week we did a tempo interval run, hill repeats, and a long hill run and you better believe my legs took a beating. But, my body and my endurance will be better because of it. Tempo runs push you out of your comfort zone. Hills make you work hard and push to get up. Together, they develop a mental toughness that is necessary to go the distance.There's a lot to be said about mental toughness. Sometimes it's hard to stay focused when your mind starts to wonder or you're just plain tired. But, I can't give up. Even when I'm miserable, I have to keep going.
Now for Week 3 of training - lot of miles on recovering legs. My legs feel little tight and banged up, so I'll be foam rolling, stretching and icing. I picked up some BioFreeze today so I'm going to try that to. My physical therapist used it during my treatments. So, we'll see....
Longest run yet is schedule for Saturday ~ 8 miles. And, my training plan has the nerve to say Long Tempo Run. That means warm -up for 2 miles, 20 minutes tempo, then cruise and cool down for the next 4 miles. Please pray for me folks.
Grateful Journal
I am grateful for a clean bathroom.
I am grateful for a good run.
I am grateful for an ice bath.
I am grateful for grapes.
I am grateful for my ability to love.
I am grateful for air conditioning.
I am grateful for the ability to pay my bills.
I am grateful for the new blog I found on Sunday.
I am grateful that I can still see the good thru all of the bad.
I am grateful that I can be grateful.
I'm praying this scripture this week: “Create in me a clean heart, O God. Renew a right spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10 NLT

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