Monday, August 30, 2010

I Ran 8 Miles on Saturday!

I made it to the 8 mile mark ~ only 5.1 more to go right! RIGHT! I’m excited and I can’t believe that from September 2009 through August 28, 2010 I went from running 1/8 of a mile to running 8 miles! Who would have guessed it? Certainly not me. When I started in September, all I wanted to do was run a 5-K and now I’m going to run a half-marathon. I’m stoked right now and I’m really looking forward to my (first) 10-mile run. Running 10 miles will make me feel like I’ve really crossed over into being a runner. It’s something about saying, “yeah, I did 10 miles on my long run this morning.” I can’t wait! Runners are crazy you know. We eat, breathe and live for running. I have practically changed my whole life for running. It’s no longer about what I want to do or what I feel like doing. It’s about what I need to do because I have to run in the morning or I ran today. I go to sleep with thoughts of my next good run.

Only for the Love of Running Will I:

  • Wake up at 5:30 a.m. and actually get up at 5:45 a.m.
  • Get my hair done the night before and then go run 8 miles.
  • Run even though my legs are sore.
  • Run with my legs in Hot Pink KT Tape (athletic tape).
  • Sit in an ice bath for 10 minutes.
  • Iron up all my clothes for the work week.
  • Give up my lazy Saturday mornings.
  • Run through the streets and love it.

Running started out as something to do, just a goal of mine, but it's become much more than that. I'm having a love affair with running. I'm spending time, nurturing and really learning about the sport. I've moved past like to love and from being in love to loving unconditionally. See, unconditional love means I accept the good and bad runs, the aches and pains, the changing weather conditions, the up hills, the downhills, the good and the not so good days. I love running so much that I let it interfere with my hair and I don't even get upset. Unconditional love sets no boundaries~ it just is. Love is more than just saying those words. Love is an act of will~ a sacrifice of unselfishness. Sure, I would love to sleep late in the mornings and not be drop dead sleepy by 8 p.m. but I've made a commitment and a sacrifice for the thing I love ~ running.

Gratitude Journal I am grateful for internet service. I am grateful for cute shoes. I am grateful for a good shampoo and blow out. I am grateful for a good flat iron. I am grateful for re-runs of the Golden Girls. I am grateful for God's unconditional love.

I woke up this morning and the following scripture came to my mind. Meditate and let it be a blessing to you today.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. "Hebrews 11: 1

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Power of Gratitude

I started the gratitude journal because I liked it on another blog and thought it was a really neat idea. Today, I received my daily email from and the topic was the Power of Gratitude and instantly I thought about what I'm thankful for today, and it confirmed for me the reason I decided to start ending my blogs with a gratitude journal. Gratitude means a feeling of thanks or appreciation. Being grateful means you can appreciate life for what it is and what you have~ not the things that aren't going right or you don't have in your life at the moment. Finding gratitude in the everyday things means I can find joy in everything ~ I can praise and thank God through all of my circumstances. Gratefulness, gratefulness is flowing from my heart (it's a verse from a song I used to sing on the church choir). Being thankful and expressing gratitude is another way I choose to honor God.
"give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus"
1 Thessalonians 5:18

Here are some ways to start practicing gratitude to improve your well-being:

  1. Keep a gratitude journal. At the end of each day, write down 3-5 things from the day you feel grateful for. Simplicity is key. Your baby’s smile, a perfect sunset, the train arriving on time, or your best friend’s laughter. Relish the feeling you get when remembering and writing it down.
  2. Express your gratitude. Take the time to share your feelings. Not the simple, polite thank you, but the heartfelt emotions. Tell your friend how her support and sense of humor helps you get through tough times, and how much it means to you. Don’t take your loved ones for granted. Let them know how much you love them and why.
  3. Look for what is right about a situation, not what’s wrong. Sure you’re frustrated by the bus being late, but thankfully you have an understanding boss. Service at the restaurant is poor, but you are lucky to afford an evening out surrounded by good friends.
  4. Practice gratitude with your family and friends. Although you may not say grace before a meal, encourage each family member to report one thing that happened that day that they feel grateful for. When you hear a friend moaning and complaining, challenge him or her to find the hidden opportunity or silver lining to the situation.

Excerpt take from article :4 Ways to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude -- By Ellen G. Goldman, Health and Wellness Coach
Gratiitude Journal
I am grateful for a fresh perspective.
I am grateful for my new salad spinner.
I am grateful for being able to see the forest despite the trees.
I am grateful that weeping only endures for a night and joy comes in the morning.
I am grateful for my talks with Ms. D.
I am grateful for my experiences.
I am grateful for new life.
I am grateful for cheesecake and coffee ice cream.
I am just grateful I can be grateful.
Psalm 100 - a psalm for giving thanks.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Week 2 Tempo, Hills and Long Run

Week 2 was hard~physically and mentally. My legs were really taking a beating by Thursday and I was just tired. I was tired but I felt good if that makes any sense. I finished my second Saturday long run with my new running group and ice bath number 2 and I feel good. There is something to be said about running. I still hate, dread, despise getting up at 5:30-5:45 am but once I get started I'm good. Saturday was one of those days that I really enjoyed my run ~ it was fun. It felt good pounding the pavement, running ALL around town and tackling a few Mt.Everest type hills. There's nothing like a good run (and a cute purse and maybe some cute shoes and oh yeah getting your hair done too) to make a girl feel good.
Last week we did a tempo interval run, hill repeats, and a long hill run and you better believe my legs took a beating. But, my body and my endurance will be better because of it. Tempo runs push you out of your comfort zone. Hills make you work hard and push to get up. Together, they develop a mental toughness that is necessary to go the distance.There's a lot to be said about mental toughness. Sometimes it's hard to stay focused when your mind starts to wonder or you're just plain tired. But, I can't give up. Even when I'm miserable, I have to keep going.
Now for Week 3 of training - lot of miles on recovering legs. My legs feel little tight and banged up, so I'll be foam rolling, stretching and icing. I picked up some BioFreeze today so I'm going to try that to. My physical therapist used it during my treatments. So, we'll see....
Longest run yet is schedule for Saturday ~ 8 miles. And, my training plan has the nerve to say Long Tempo Run. That means warm -up for 2 miles, 20 minutes tempo, then cruise and cool down for the next 4 miles. Please pray for me folks.
Grateful Journal
I am grateful for a clean bathroom.
I am grateful for a good run.
I am grateful for an ice bath.
I am grateful for grapes.
I am grateful for my ability to love.
I am grateful for air conditioning.
I am grateful for the ability to pay my bills.
I am grateful for the new blog I found on Sunday.
I am grateful that I can still see the good thru all of the bad.
I am grateful that I can be grateful.
I'm praying this scripture this week: “Create in me a clean heart, O God. Renew a right spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10 NLT

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My First ICE Bath and Week 1 Training Recap

OK! I did it. I took my first ice bath last week and I liked it. NO, I’m not crazy but it really was not that bad. I got a tip from a Facebook friend that I should start by filling the tub with lukewarm water, get in, then slowly add the ice cubes. Of course, it was a shocker when I first put the ice cubes in and the first minute seemed like an hour, but after I got use to the water. I chilled out and read my book and soaked for 10 minutes. I don’t think it was as cold as it should have been because after about five minutes the water really started to loose the “chill”. I think I should have used colder water. All in all it was a refreshingly cool bath.

Why would I sit in a tub full of ice and water?

The ice bath is thought to:

· Constrict blood vessels and flush waste products, like lactic acid, out of the affected tissues

· Decrease metabolic activity and slow down physiological processes

· Reduce swelling and tissue breakdown

Did it really work? I believe so. The next day, I was not sore, and I’m starting to notice more flexibility in my hamstrings and calves as opposed to the tightness I’ve had.

Will I do it again? You bet, I can’t wait to take the plunge again this week.

By the way, I’m a little behind on my blogging, so a quick recap for the week:

1) First official week of Half Marathon Training started this week. I skipped my Monday run and opted for some cross training instead.

2) My first Saturday group run was a challenging experience, but it’s good to push myself beyond the flat trails of the park. I literally ate, iced and passed out Saturday afternoon.

3) Zensah compression socks feel so go and they work…… I swear I’ve been wearing them for a week now and my calf soresness is 75% reduced and I don’t get the tight feeling as much during my runs.

4) Realized the monstrous number of calories I need to consume just to keep up with my energy needs and not waste away. I can not afford to lose anymore weight. Missing the 3lbs of my Black Girl Booty L.

5) My hair is just blah L ……salon, workout 2x, ponytail. I feel like the girl in the Dr. Miracle's commercial, “Ooh, Girl”.

My Gratitude Journal

I’m thankful for Sunday worship services.

I am thankful for a fresh relaxer and bone straight edges.

I’m thankful for the valley experiences.

I’m thankful for my braces 20 years ago.

I’m thankful I can smile.

I’m thankful I can count it all joy.

I’m thankful for Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Training 13.1 and Gratitude

It's official! I signed up for the 13-week training group for my half marathon. I'm excited and ready to run (I think). The biggest benefit of joining the training group is running with other runners, water stops and training tips. I've been preparing for my training all summer, so August 8th kicks off the training week. I have my training tools and I'm ready!
Training Tools:
(Semi-New) Brooks Running Shoes a
Garmin Forerunner (Never leave Home without it) a
Zensah Compression Socks a
Massage Stick a
Daily Motivation a
A fellow blogger ends every blog with a gratitude journal and I think that's an awesome concept. I think Oprah started something similar years ago. So, today is the start of my of my gratitude journal.
Gratitude Journal
I am grateful for my mom and her giving spirit.
I am grateful for the support from my sister circle.
I am grateful for my health and peace of mine.
I am grateful for the opportunity to get a 15-minute massage at work!
I am grateful for having a reason to smile.
I am grateful for my ability to hope and trust.
I challenge you to start a gratitude journal to reconnect and think about the things that matter in your life. It doesn't have to be long but just 2-3 things that you can say Thank You, Lord.